A Cup Tasting lesson with Caffè La Messicana Piacenza

How To Taste Coffee?

We never stop creating, developing, testing and looking for inspirations that improve our customers’ satisfaction. Method, selection, quality of the raw material and craftsmanship have always been our distinguish marks.

Our coffee is not only something to drink, but is the result of a long process that has reached high level  of innovation and excellence. The goal of our work is always the same: reach your homes, your days, your daily life, bringing our unmistakable taste.

However, we would like to bring you into our world, which is rich in history, traditions, curiosities and technique, such as Cup Tasting. This is the ability to savor coffee. Let’s deepen together:

The infusion

Infusion is the internationally recognized way to taste coffee and has precise rules in the preparation of the cup. The coffee has to have a light roasting.

Into a cup put 8-10 grams of coarsely ground coffee and 200 cc of boiling water. The infusion has to rest for few minutes, then it is mixed and sniffed to capture the olfactory characteristics. Once this is done, let the  infusion become cold.

Before tasting, the cup has to be cleaned from foam and suspended parts. Tasting requires that the coffee is sucked sharply and quickly into the mouth reaching the largest possible number of taste buds.


The infusion does not allow to understand the coffee yield as an espresso, in this case it is necessary make a tasting using the coffee machine. It is important to know that coffees perfect in infusion are not always perfect after this test.

For this test, roasted coffee has to have the characteristic color of monk’s frock and rest for 24 hours before being ground and tasted.

We have already seen how to prepare an espresso correctly: 7g of coffee, water temperature 88 -92 °, extraction time 25-30 seconds, quantity extracted 25-28 ml, machine pressure 9 atm.

In this test, the coffee suction should not necessarily be very marked as in infusion, since the espresso is rich in characteristics.