A story of great passion


The company’s history of Caffè La Messicana’s is made up by aromas, intuitions and people who have written the most important pages of it. Founded in 1957, thanks to the passion and intuition born from a journey into the most authentic Mexico, of a young man from Piacenza who was taking his first steps in the world of coffee.

There, among vast tropical plantations, majestic pre-Columbian monuments and the bright colours of a vibrant folklore, the idea of a roastery inspired by Central America takes shape which, after a few years, will give birth to La Messicana, in Piacenza.

A small coffee house has become an asserted roasting company that has achieved many successes and has become a prestigious Made in Italy ambassador in the world.
From the little shop that inebriated Piacenza’s streets has remained commitment, passion and accuracy in the choice of raw materials; milestones thanks to which the roasting house has reached important business goals in Europe, Canada, North Africa and Asia, specialising in the professional world of Ho.Re.Ca.

A development process that leads to the current production plant in Rottofreno and the creation of a second brand, Città d’Italia, a brand created for its international development with a strong character and identity made in Italy.

Today, Caffè La Messicana Piacenza, acquired in 2023 by the company IPOCAFFE S.p.A  operates in 32 countries around the world.

Caffè La Messicana Piacenza is a company sensitive to the safeguard of production areas, environment and local population engaged in processing. Coffee is the outcome coming from the knowhow of those who cultivate it. This is a reason why La Messicana has always been committed to environmental sustainability: a company philosophy that combines passion, quality, innovation, ethics and continuous research.