Capsules Ho.Re.Ca system

It is possible selecting six different blends having a surprising taste experience and even a sensory journey in countries like Brazil, Colombia, Guatemala, Mexico, Ethiopia or India where, for centuries, coffee it has been cultivated and exported everywhere.
The simplicity and convenience of the capsules system is suitable for restaurants and families consumption.


Blend made up by the finest Arabica qualities from Central and South America. It surrenders us into the most important and classic coffee tradition. Fine flavor with a marked acidity, aromatic and sweet.
Aftertastes of almond and hazelnut. Smooth and persistent taste.
Packaging: capsule of net weight 7.5 g.


Blend with a strong and intense taste: a combination of South American and Indian high quality coffees. Recipe appreciated and loved by bartenders throughout Italy for the excellent cream and strong flavor. Good aroma, balanced, full-bodied and spicy coffee.
Packaging: capsule of net weight 7.5 g.


Well-rounded coffee, fragrant, chocolaty and with a good body. A mixture of South American and South East Asia coffees with low acidity. It has got a strong aromatic structure and intense creaminess thanks to finest Robusta’s qualities.
Packaging: capsule of net weight 7.5 g.


Coffee with reduced caffeine content. Our experience in roasting and combining the best decaffeinated qualities allow us to preserve aroma and body guaranteeing a full-flavored coffee as the true Italian espresso. For those who do not want to give up the pleasure of coffee at any time of the day.
Packaging: capsule of net weight 7.5 g.

Compatible capsules Nespresso*

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