Creative process of superior quality

We have a goal: reaching toward perfection. We want our products enveloping senses of those who taste them, therefore we work hard so that each coffee bean expresses its full potential.
Roasting is a delicate and important moment for us, indeed we give particularly care in offering handicraft product and strongly innovative at the same time.
To meet the increasingly choosy market requests, the company has recently relocated its production into a modern plant over 3000 square meters in Rottofreno (Province of Piacenza), where technology, research and tradition explore the taste frontiers.


To intensify the aromas, according to our philosophy, we use the best traditional processing method: slow roasting, to bring out refinement and complexity of superior quality coffee.
It takes time, patience and wisdom to get a high-profile product. These are the right ingredients to enhance the taste of customers increasingly attentive to nuances.
Producing high quality coffee is an art requiring experience, accuracy and commitment. All points we include in our personal daily research. For over sixty years, we have been working to serve a “made in Italy” coffee that expresses all our passion.