An inspiration that comes from far away

As an artist in front of the white canvas follows the inspiration to mix colors in his palette, with the same care we choose the raw materials by which we compose the artwork. The one that will be served in a little cup at the end of the creative process.

Coffee needs to be processed with rigor and competence in order to unveil the richness of its aromas. The quality pursuit is the key that allows us to enhance the gustatory potential of our coffee; giving an extra edge to your days.
With Città d’Italia and La Messicana, the company dedicated to the Italian coffee heritage by the company – the traditional taste of authentic espresso is perfectly combined into formulas closer and closer to current trends of the international market. A genuine Italian culture, the one loved abroad for its authenticity and passion. The same that makes Made in Italy unique and recognizable in the world.

Only the best beans

Coffee beans quality depends on the practices that each producing country has got in cultivating and harvesting coffee, in addition we have to consider climatic factors and the intrinsic nature of the crops.

The company choses the best raw materials creating a constant selection process: coffee varieties are tested until we find the ones that perfectly fit our high quality standards. Thus, we obtain pure blends whose taste is not only the result of numbers and machines, but also of stories, faces, lands and different cultures.
All phases of the production process are subjected to a continuous and targeted control ensuring a constant quality in which coffee aromas are enhanced and preserved.
Always scrupulous in maintaining high quality standards, the company has achieved ISO9001 certification, international standard for quality management, and the Bioagricert certification. The latter, through punctual and effective checks, certifies the conformity of the organic product.