Caffè La Messicana: selection and roasting

First of all: quality. This is the reason why Caffè La Messicana, before making purchases, asks to its suppliers for samples of raw coffee, checking if  the raw material meets the high  standards of the company, to ensure a product with a constant quality.

In particular, Caffè La Messicana selects beans with 16/18 sieve (good to large bean), which means that the company only chooses the beans that have a size greater than 6.3 mm.

To do this operation are used sieves with holes of smaller and smaller diameter. This selection is important in order to get a uniform roasting for all beans, however, the thickness of the grains is not necessarily synonymous of quality. A quality coffee is when all the best practices of growth and harvesting, selection, processing and extraction are carry out throughout the supply chain.

In over 60 years of experience, Caffè La Messicana has developed a crucial know-how with roasting curves for the individual qualities, studied and optimized over time to guarantee a safe and constant quality product. These curves are handed down thanks to the wise knowledge of generations of roasters, profiles whose trend explains how coffee is roasted.

Behind every cup of Caffè La Messicana there is a fascinating world, in which technology and tradition interlace in a story that is told and renewed every day.