How to clean and maintain the professional coffee machine

How to clean and maintain the professional coffee machine

As all the best bartenders will know, taking care of the coffee machine regularly is a fundamental activity to always serve an excellent espresso able to release the top flavor and aroma.

To guarantee the best coffee machine functionality and to offer an espresso that exceeds expectations, it is essential to carry out a regular and careful maintenance and cleaning.
Every day, during the usual coffee bar activity, greases and residues tend to settle and accumulate in the machine. If they are not removed, the espresso goodness will be affected. The correct procedures to obtain a complete cleaning of the coffee machine consist of simple operations that have to be implemented on a daily routine to keep high quality standards and ensure a bar equipment long life.

Follow the hints of Città d’Italia – Caffè La Messicana Piacenza for the correct maintenance of the professional coffee machine.


The cleaning of the machine, with specific products, is an important aspect for hygiene issues, for the best equipment performance, but also for guaranteeing the taste of the coffee blend.
Some simple maintenance rules:

  • The coffee machine must always be switched on.
  • The displacement pressure and the water temperature must be monitored using the reference gauges.
  • Daily cleaning of portafilters, filters and showers
  • Checking the water softener.


The grinder is an essential element for the coffee bar activity as it grinds coffee into the suitable size and doses it in the right quantity. Therefore, in order to keep the organoleptic qualities of the coffee intact, it is important that the grinder is always clean. Here are some hints for the correct maintenance of the grinder:

  • The grinding blades must be correctly adjusted to ensure a perfect coffee extraction.
  • If the grinding is large, the water will encounter less resistance in crossing it and therefore less substances will be extracted. On the other hand, fine grinding implies a greater resistance and the contact time is greater. So that, more substances are extracted.
  • Checking the coffee grinding every day, considering also the environment. If there is humidity, the coffee particles are wrapped in water molecules and these are less permeable. Therefore a greater grinding would be better. On the opposite side, in dry environments it is preferable to reduce the degree of grinding.
  • The grinder blades must be replaced regularly as they are subject to wear.