La Messicana’s coffee line is composed by an exclusive selection of very high quality blends characterized by a renewed look and inspired by icons of Mexican culture and art.
A coffee originating from the heights of Mexico, roasted with care and craftsmanship that enhance its quality and origin.

Choosing La Messicana means leaning on the experience of those who studied and analyzed the entire coffee universe, selecting with care and passion the best single origins getting a product of excellence.



Mexico is one of the largest coffee producers in the world. The best production regions are Chiapas and the Veracruz area. These areas produce coffee with a sweet and deep flavour, with a consistent body and an intense, chocolatey aroma. The coffees that grow on the mountain ranges of the region are called “altura”, precisely because they grow at high altitude.

Green coffee, coming from Mexican territories, if roasted by espresso, results in a hazelnut-coloured cream with beautiful tiger stripes.

The bouquet is of vanilla and tobacco, with delicate notes of cocoa. The body is light but pleasant. The cup is decidedly sweet, with a nice acidic note.


The green bean

Ipocaffè selects the best green coffee origins from the tropical belt, with greater attention and research into the plantations present in the areas suitable for the cultivation of coffea arabica.

The selection and production procedure follows all supply chain quality criteria, aimed at guaranteeing an excellent raw material: the expert selectors of Ipocaffè, through a process of control of the raw materials and microroasting, guarantee its quality while respecting the material first, from plantation to roasting.